We can offer a wide range of solutions to our clients. They can be divided broadly into three groups.

1. AI Alpha Lab model portfolios

We deliver one of our proven AI model portfolios to the client at the beginning of every month. The portfolio is delivered as a monthly report and the client can use the portfolio information at their discretionary behalf.

Client case: A client receives for instance our monthly Global Focus Portfolio report. The report contains high conviction stocks picks and weights provided by our probabilistic AI model. The client can use the complete portfolio or add specific stock picks to his/her own portfolio.

2. Bespoke portfolio

The client’s portfolio is run through our probabilistic machine learning model providing the client with an uncorrelated and alternative portfolio. The portfolio is delivered as a monthly report.

Client case: A client want a second view on his/her own portfolio. The client provides AI Alpha Lab with the client’s portfolio. The portfolio is run through our probabilistic AI model and the client receives a monthly report containing a complete portfolio or for instance the top-10 high conviction stock picks for the coming month.

3. Fund solution

The client can invest directly in one of our strategies as a fund solution. AI Alpha Lab acts as investment advisor to the fund and the daily management of the fund is carried out by one of our well-known partners specialized in fund management.