About AI Alpha Lab

AI Alpha Lab ApS was founded in April 2019 by an experienced team with a background in asset management and AI. Our strong competencies within quant strategy building, portfolio construction and risk management, combined with sound probabilistic machine learning, enables us to provide the investment solutions of tomorrow.

The company was founded out of the belief that the future of successful investors lies in making humans and AI work together and benefit from each other’s strengths. We believe that a scientific, quantitative approach combined with the insight and experience of humans is the key to being a successful investor now and in the future.

Our mission is to help investors be successful by combining our specialized AI model and our asset management experience to generate strong long-term returns through a “complex process made simple” solution.

The company has received approx. 2 mio. DKK in funding from Innovation Fund Denmark (Innovationsfonden) and has been licensed as an investment advisor by the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet) since early 2021.

The Management Team

The Sales Team

Stig Alfbecker

Head of Sales, Sweden

Daniel Kuni Buccoliero

Head of Sales, Europe and US


Ole med baggrund

Ole Søeberg


The company structure

At AI Alpha Lab we have put together a strong team with a background in asset management and machine learning and competencies within quant strategy building, portfolio construction and risk management.

We have developed a probability-based AI forecasting model (Bayesian deep learning model) tailored to investing and have seen significant improvements in forecasting future returns on liquid asset classes. The team facilitates the most efficient use of the AI model through extensive experience with causal structures in financial data and signal theory.

The base AI model upon which our AI model is built is developed and maintained by Desupervised ApS which is founded by Michael Green, who has also co-founded AI Alpha Lab. Desupervised consists of a focused team of 7 employees specialized in physics and computer science and they function as our external AI team.

Desupervised has with their AI model developed a unique probability based neural network which AI Alpha Lab has the exclusive rights to use within investing.