Bridging the gap between investors and technology

AI Alpha Lab's fund is available for trading now.


Our long only stock portfolios are a result of a stringent and systematic investment process based on our probabilistic machine learning model.

The portfolios are concentrated and offers high potential excess return within their respective markets, attractive risk characteristics and low correlation to existing equity strategies.

Performance shown is simulated strategy performance. Inception date: 01.01.2020. Currency: Global AI Portfolio is in EUR, S&P 500 AI Portfolio is in USD and Danish AI Portfolio is in DKK. EWU: Equal Weighted Universe is a portfolio consisting of all stocks from the stock universe with equal weight. Includes 20 bps transaction costs on all traded value. Other fees incurred by the investor such as management fee and custodian fee are not included. The returns shown are simulated and therefore do not constitute returns from an actual investment during the period. It is emphasized that historical returns, whether actual or simulated, are not a guarantee of future returns, and returns may vary as a result of currency fluctuations.



Our AI-driven fund is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen and available on most trading platforms in Denmark. The strategy is global with a portfolio of minimum 30 liquid stocks.

The stocks in the portfolio are chosen by our probability-based AI-model. The daily management of the fund is carried out by a Danish fund management company.

Investment analysis subscriptions

We are offering investment analysis subscriptions through Nordnet Danmark and

At Nordnet the offering consists of a US and Nordic portfolio with 15 stocks in each and a Danish portfolio with 10 stocks. The portfolios are rebalanced each month.

At we offer two S&P 500 strategies with 5 stocks in each coupled with risk management measures. The strategies are rebalanced weekly and monthly respectively.

AI Alpha Lab model portfolios

We deliver one of our proven AI model portfolios to the client as the beginning of every month. The portfolio is delivered as a monthly report and the client can use the portfolio information at their own discretion.

Bespoke portfolio

The client’s portfolio is run through our probabilistic machine learning model providing the client with an uncorrelated and alternative portfolio. The portfolio is delivered as a monthly report.

Why AI Alpha Lab?

Investing is a highly uncertain endeavor.

Yet investors analyze and forecast with deterministic models.

The result is the right answer to the wrong question.

Exploit solutions from other scientific fields that faces the same challenge.

Physics provides us with a problem-solving model.

Investors can make better decisions when based on a model aligned with the world we live in.

We don’t ask whether something will happen.

We ask what is the probability of something happening.

We provide investors with investment probabilities that enables them to make better investment decisions.