Nordic 15 Portfolio

Investment Mandate

We invest only in large and mega cap stocks in the Nordics in order to minimize illiquidity risk.

Stock Selection

Our stock picking is based on our proprietary probabilistic machine learning model. The model systematically informs about the stocks that have the highest probability of outperforming the market.

Portfolio Construction

The portfolio is constructed from model predictions combined with proven investment principles in order to ensure the highest probability of outperformance over time.

Risk Management

The portfolio is dynamically rebalanced every month in order to constantly have the highest expected return potential.

The Nordic 15 Portfolio

The final portfolio is based on calculated probabilities of each investment decision resulting in solid return expectations.

Simulated model portfolio performance. Inception date: 01.01.2020. Currency: EUR. Includes 20 bps transaction costs on all traded value. Other fees incurred by the investor such as management fee and custodian fee are not included. If the simulated strategy had been implemented during the period, the actual returns may have differed significantly from the simulated returns presented. It is emphasized that past performance, whether actual or simulated, is not a reliable indicator of future results and the return on investments may vary as a result of currency fluctuations.